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Grand Canal Polis three apartments in Milan
Issuing time:2017-12-13 00:00

Under the Transaction fiery situation, change the attitude of home buyers into the market for the new disc, "thousands of panic room" effect continued overweight. Following the recent opening of The Spring Land Six triggered panic room after thousands of people, Shenzhen is another selling three new projects into the market, once again created thousands competition phenomenon. August 10, Shenzhen has become a hot plate for three consecutive years on behalf of the three city-states Masuda Grand Canal Milan apartment market, triggering a two thousand buyers scramble.

Developers, the Polis Grand Canal Masuda Milan apartment three main push 424 sets of 54-99 meters high expansion products, the average price 12,500 yuan, the sales of 400 sets of the day, is close to "daylight." It is understood that Masuda Grand Canal city-state market more than three years, has Kuangxiao four thousand units, a truly popular market in Shenzhen.

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