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ark hyatt hotel will be future tallest building in shenzhen signing ceremony
Issuing time:2017-12-13 00:00

Is building the tallest building in the future shenzhen attracted the attention of the world hotel giant, ranked the top ten global hotel group in the hyatt group yesterday held a signing ceremony and peace financial center, announced that its top brands park hyatt hotel in shenzhen is expected to open in 2019.Peace financial center construction began in October 2009, after the completion of the refresh data from China's tallest building, at present the main steel structure has been more than 180 meters.Peace to the financial center location is its into a set of office, business, conference center, sightseeing, high-end luxury boutique hotel is one of the core business district (CBD), investment object will be one of the world top 500 enterprises and high-end fashion brands.Signing the scene, according to ping an financial center at the top of the design for the public to sightseeing platform, which citizens will be boarded a new level through deep and Hong Kong.
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